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GCG offers workshops and lectures for a variety of audiences. We can customize a workshop to your interests, or pick from our menu of workshop options:


From raised beds to pots and everything in between, learn the ins and outs of growing vegetables and fruits successfully in small spaces and unconventional containers. This session covers everything you need to know about the setting up for success, including location, design, light, and containers. Learn how to choose your edible plants, planting methods, seasons, crop mapping, seeds and starts, where to get your plants, soil mix, and define your goals for the season.


Proper edible garden maintenance requires using the right tools, products and knowledge to ensure a bountiful and successful harvest. Through this workshop you will learn tricks and best practices of organic farming and how to prevent and manage pests and disease, building from our ten years of experience in the field. Following organic practices has a hugely positive impact on environmental sustainability and overall plant health. We will teach you techniques such as how to thin, trellis, weed, prune, water and pollinate your garden as well as how to harvest for maximum yield and when to remove plants past their prime.


The growing season in New England is unique, and perceived to be quite short. In Boston, we typically grow from the mid April to mid October (last frost to first frost). Anything that can prolong our growing season, even for a few weeks, becomes very valuable. Learn about different ways to extend the season, from row covers to cold frames, what you can grow, and how to squeeze out every last minute of New England sunshine.


Urban farming is taking off in some of the most densely populated places throughout the world. Due to rapid urbanization, there is limited space to grow fresh food in city environments. Doing so takes creativity and innovation. It’s possible to grow food indoors with containers, on your balcony, patio, or even rooftop. In this workshop, you will learn about the ever-changing landscape of growing technologies that is making this possible, and how to apply these techniques at home or in your community.


All lectures are $350 plus travel.*
Please allow for 1 hour for all lecture topics, plus an additional 30 minutes for Q&A (our lectures are engaging, and often run longer). Customized topics are available upon request.*Travel time is based on Google Maps time-to-travel from Somerville HQ, round-trip.

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