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Ranging from simple gardening activities to more creative takes on container gardening, Green City Growers (GCG) can activate your spaces with “one off” events. Each has a potential community give-back component and all concepts involve hands-on engagement for the event attendees. These events provide a lasting, and often living, reminder of the event. Our pop up events include materials, plants and GCG staffing. Additional marketing support for the event can also be added to the scope as needed, such as event collateral, photography, or social media support.



Attendees will be invited to get their hands dirty planting organic starter herbs in branded clay pots. Each participant will take their clay pot home to grow along with care instructions, then harvest and enjoy the delicious results- providing a reminder of the event long after the event is over.


Participants learn all about the benefits of worm composting, an easy way to compost your kitchen scraps even when living in the city. Event goers can bring along a plastic bin or 5-gallon bucket to help create their own worm bins with GCG’s help to take home; or, GCG can provide appropriate bins for the event.


Event goers plant one tomato plant, one basil plant and one aphid-fighting marigold plant together in our special blend of GCG soil in a medium sized, self-watering container.


GCG will adjust any of the proposed pop-up concepts to better suit your needs. We will make connections in the community should the opportunity to incorporate give-back components into the event appeal.

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