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Is Your Site Suitable for Growing?

Production Garden Requirements image

We recommend a minimum of 100 sqft available growing space for an outdoor installation, and a minimum of 4 hours of sunlight for success. Other site features to consider:


Are there any buildings or trees blocking available sun? 6 hours of sun exposure or more is ideal for successful production, however there are many low-light crops that can grow successfully with a minimum of 4 hours. If indoors, like at several b.good restaurant locations, can grow lights be installed?

Weight Capacity (Rooftops)

At time of harvest, raised beds add up to a additional 100 lbs per sqft to the roof. Upper levels of parking garages make ideal rooftop farms for this season. Our green roof partner Recover Green Roofs are our structural engineers for rooftop farm projects like Whole Foods Market in Lynnfield.


Consider the access points. If on a rooftop, is there a stairwell or service elevator? Moving soil during installation and weekly maintenance visits from a farmer can be prohibitive if the only point of access is a ladder, but not impossible!


Is there a water source nearby, like an outdoor spigot, to set up irrigation? Or will it be easy to move water from the establishment to the site?

Available Space

Are there existing ornamental beds that can be converted? Patio or roof deck space? A structurally sound rooftop, back alley, or unused lot? Is there indoor space along a row of south-facing windows?

Not sure about the answers to these specifications? Schedule an professional on site consultation to evaluate your potential growing space.
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