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Production Garden Yield

Production Garden Yield image

Expected Yield and Value

With our years of experience, we can accurately predict crop yields and analyze the market value of produce. On average, a GCG-managed site will yield 2-3 pounds of produce per square foot of growing space over the course of the season.

Once plant selection is decided, GCG creates an intensive planting plan, including the yield projections and expected harvest dates for all vegetables and herbs planted at your restaurant or grocery. Associated value analysis upon request.

What Can Your Restaurant or Grocery Store Grow?

Plenty! We recommend narrowing your choices to a few select crops that you can then source solely from your garden in place of your suppliers, including heirloom varieties not readily available. Herbs are often the best option for restaurants with limited space, as you can grow the volume that the restaurant uses. We harvest and replant over the course of the growing season to guarantee maximum yield, growing varieties that are well-suited for small spaces. We can grow anything offered in our Edible Offerings guide.

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Value Beyond the Produce

All of our sites are custom-tailored to your vision. We provide and assist with developing and executing a comprehensive marketing strategy geared to whatever your restaurant’s goals might be, to ensure the success of your project.

The more your patrons are aware that produce is grown on site, the happier they will be. Large high-quality prints hung inside your establishment, menu description or signage, asterisks to denote menu items grown on site, menu board listing items harvested for the chef that day, daily social media updates, a designated web page, and regular press releases are just some of the ways that we can help you to promote the project.

GCG restaurant clients have been featured in Edible Boston, the Boston Globe, NBC Nightly News, Chronicle, and the Food Network’s Chopped; as well as in many other publications including the NYTimes and USA Today.

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