Grow Your Own Produce Department

Whole Foods Market in Lynnfield, MA, is the very first grocery store in the country to install a rooftop farm, maybe first in the world. Having their own on site production farm gives Whole Foods Market unique control over the quality and variety of fresh vegetables they are able to offer shoppers in the produce aisle below. Their rooftop farm produce doesn’t travel 3,000 miles, or even 30 miles, but only 25 feet from farm to shopping cart, which sets them a world apart from the competition.

Lead the Local Food Movement

Make your grocery store stand out from the competition by offering clientele a produce aisle stocked with vegetables organically grown and harvested from an on-site farm. Save on transportation costs, ensure quality and increase variety.

“Whole Foods Market Lynnfield installed a rooftop garden with the intention of bringing the local, organically grown produce to our customers. Our customers love the fresh, local produce, and our team members have enjoyed the learning experience of experimenting with the different crops and learning how we can incorporate them into dishes in our different departments in our store, such as our Rooftop Pizza in the bakery.”

–Vanessa Maykel, WFM Team Leader

Benefits of Growing On Site

  • Yield up to 350 lbs of produce per 100 sqft (requirements)
  • Provide shoppers with immediate access to fresh, local, chemical-free produce
  • Create a meaningful connection to the food for your shoppers
  • Actively participate in the “green movement” and energy conservation
  • Create a collaborative environment for your staff
  • Cut costs (yield and value), and save time
  • Generate press and create buzz for your establishment

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Whole Foods Market rooftop farm Whole Foods Market rooftop farm produce

Your Farm Anywhere.

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