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Raise Backyard Chickens

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There is no fresher, more healthy and nutritious source of eggs than from poultry raised under the personal attention of the owner. We provide the very best in chicken-keeping knowledge and maintenance services.

We now offer chicken coop installation and maintenance service for up to ten chickens in the Greater Boston area for towns that allow poultry-keeping. (Be sure to check with your town directly to ensure the most recent regulatory information.) Chickens are a great way to take growing your own food to the next level, and we provide clients with the knowledge they need for the care and enjoyment of these barnyard-to-backyard birds.

Because of zoning permits, chickens are only available for residential clients in towns that allow chickens.  

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Monthly Maintenance

GCG will provide your birds and coop with a monthly check-in to guarantee your chickens are in good health, and your coop stays clean and well-maintained. Monthly maintenance visits are year-round, and include refills of feed and pine shavings as needed, coop cleaning and check-up, and bird health check-up.

Chicken-Keeping Training

A two-hour chicken-keeping training session includes two follow-up visits to check on birds, and is required for all customers purchasing birds through Green City Growers. This training session will include the first month of food and bedding. Birds are delivered at the first training session.

If you notice something unusual with one of your birds, Green City Growers will provide health consultations by email, phone, and if- needed, an in-person house call. Please note that while we have extensive experience in chicken husbandry, we are not veterinarians. The purpose of a visit will be to assess the situation and best advise you on further action, including whether you may want to take your bird to the veterinarian.

Emergency Health Home Visits and Calls  

GCG health check-up services are only available for birds sourced through us. Pre-existing coops and flocks may be eligible for maintenance and health insurance pending an in-person consultation to assess setup and current health status.

Chicken Breed Choices

‘Common’ Laying-Age Hens

Standard Size: Plymouth Rock, Austrolorp, Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire Red, Ameraucana (blue eggs), Easter Egger (light blue eggs), Faverolle, Orpington, Marans (dark brown eggs)

Bantam Size: Belgian Bearded d’Uncle, Bantam Cochin

All breeds that we recommend have relatively docile personalities that do well in the smaller “microflock” groups found in a typical backyard setting. Common layer breeds typically lay an average of 3-5 eggs per week per bird, while rare and ornamental breeds may not lay quite as frequently, but are generally notable for their appearance or personalities. All breeds are subject to availability at time of delivery. Minimum flock size is 3 birds.

During your consultation we will discuss what you are looking for in a flock, and be sure we have the best match for your needs!

‘Rare’ Laying-Age Hens

The following breeds are either slightly more difficult to find, or need some additional considerations to ensure they will do well in your flock.

Silkies, Polish, Modern Game, Legbar (light blue eggs), Barnevelder (darker brown egg)

Easy Zoning for Chicken Keeping

The City of Somerville released the ABC’s of Urban Agriculture, a guide to fully explain what is and isn’t allowed for Agriculture, Bees and Chickens.