Urban Farming for High Yield & Variety


Green City Growers maintains production-level urban farms designed to produce maximum yield from each client’s available space. GCG’s production farming techniques are applied to large outdoor sites and small container sites, with a focus on crops that thrive in the local climate and succession planting to yield up to 350 pounds of produce per 100 square feet of growing space.

Organic Farming Practices

Green City Growers farmers use only organic methods and products for fertility and pest management. We manage first through prevention and optimizing plant health before introducing products. For soil fertility and microbial life we use compost, rock dust, and Pro-Gro, an organic all-purpose fertilizer from North Country Organics. For pest control we turn to neem oil, insecticidal soap, Spinosads and BT if needed, as well as beneficial insects such as parasitic nematodes. A simple spray made of milk and baking soda applied to plant leaves is very effective for prevention and control of fungal disease.

Restaurant Services

Green City Growers maintains production sites for more than a dozen Greater Boston restaurants and hotels on their rooftops, at ground level and indoors. Restaurant sites are maintained and harvested weekly, providing local chefs with the highest quality organically-grown produce available. GCG maintains urban farms for 9 b.good restaurant locations alone! And in Dorchester, Ester Restaurant’s 1,400 square foot rooftop farm supplies the restaurant with up to 75% of its seasonal produce.

Supermarket Services

Green City Growers maintains the very first rooftop farm on a supermarket for Whole Foods Market in Lynnfield, MA. With a total footprint of nearly 17,000 square feet, this is also the largest rooftop farm in New England. Whole Foods sells the harvest directly to shoppers in their produce department, incorporating any “ugly” or damaged produce into their prepared foods section.

Residential Services

Green City Growers maintains individual and family-sized raised bed gardens for backyard farmers. throughout the city of Boston and its suburbs. Basic maintenance services and a la carte urban garden consulting services are available.

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