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Green City Growers’ experts have been featured speakers at a wide range of events, including guest-lectures and more informal presentations for groups ranging from garden clubs, corporations, community groups, to colleges and universities, including MIT and Harvard School of Public Health. GCG can teach your organization how to utilize just about any available space (small or large, urban or suburban) to successfully grow vegetables and fruit, and how to get the most out of the growing season.

Below is a list of available lecture series, additional topics available upon request.
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milk-crate-01-150x150From raised beds to pots and everything in between, learn the ins and outs of successfully growing vegetables and fruits in small spaces and unconventional containers. Everything you need to know about setting up for success—location, design, light, containers. Learn about choosing your edible plants and the planting methods—goals, seasons, crop mapping, seeds and starts, where to get your plants, and soil mix.


Adrienne and Cold FrameUrban farming is taking off in some of the most densely populated places around Greater Boston in interesting, unexpected ways. Learn about the ever-changing landscape of growing technologies that is making this possible and how to apply these techniques at home or in your community.


Green City Growers Pest FencingEdible garden maintenance using the right tools and knowledge is essential to a successful harvest. Learn the tricks of organic farming to ward off pests and disease, and how to manage threats organically when they do make an appearance.


Please allow one hour for all 2018 lecture topics, plus an additional 30 minutes for Q&A (our lectures are engaging, and often run longer). All lectures are $350 plus travel, based on Google Maps time-to-travel from our Somerville office, round-trip.

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