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Garden education improves student performance, provides access to healthy food, and educates children in a variety of academic subjects such as math, science, language arts (Summer Street School Blog), and social studies. To help fill the gap in funding for school gardens, Green City Growers partners local businesses with schools in the community committed to implementing garden education programming, but that require fiscal sponsorship assistance.

“At my school we have a school garden. I learned a lot of interesting facts because there are at least 3 people who come our school and they are called Green City Growers. I learned the steps of how to plant and grow a seed, and transfer a plant from a container and plant it. To transfer a plant from a container you need to first, very carefully take it out of it’s container. Next, squeeze the roots carefully to loosen them. Next, get a shovel, make a meduim sized hole, put the plant in the hole, and cover the empty spaces that are left. Lastly, water the plant and do that every day and soon it will grow!”

Kate, Third Grade Student, Summer Street School (WFM 5% Day recipient)

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We invite you to impact a generation of children for their lifetime. Read more about sponsorship levels and the benefits of being a school garden education sponsor.

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We help schools that want to start a garden program but lack the funding to do so through our network of corporate sponsors, like Whole Foods Market via the Whole Kids Foundation.

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