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School & Youth Garden Education Programs

Green City Growers’ comprehensive cross-curricular Vegetable Garden Education Program incorporates math, science, art, social science, and language arts with hands-on learning for all ages. Hundreds of children participate in this program annually, arming them with lifelong skills for achievement and a healthy lifestyle.

Hands on garden programming not only increases the amount and variety of produce consumed by children, it also increases their attentiveness and grades in the classroom (read our case study). GCG’s unique curriculum combines hands on learning and team building exercises to provide a experiential education that promotes a healthy lifestyle, an understanding of our connection with the environment and sustainable food systems, and a sense of self-sufficiency that transfers back to a traditional classroom learning environment.

“School gardens provide a vehicle to develop problem solving, leadership, and decision making skills at an early age. Students leave the program more self-confident in making healthy choices, their academic studies, and themselves.”
-Green City Growers Urban Farmer-Educator

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Key Concepts Covered

Science and ecosystems, insect and soil science, health and nutrition, social science (history of gardening and agriculture), food systems and food access, local food systems and organic agriculture, math (planting plans, yield statistics, geometry, measuring growth), culinary arts, innovation and engineering, economics of food production.

Garden Education Tasks

Students participate in site selection and sun availability, seed starting, transplanting starts, weeding, organic fertilization methods, identifying and troubleshooting pest and fungal problems, harvesting, utilizing the harvest (cooking and nutrition), re-planting, composting, watering, and more.

Participants leave the program with an understanding of basic organic vegetable gardening (see program structure and timeline), having seen the seeds they’ve sown grow into the food they eat. Students are challenged to think critically about environmental food issues, nutrition, and their own actions, behaviors, and consumption patterns. The program is a fun and engaging environment that increases students’ confidence and ability to make a difference in the world through agriculture and green initiatives.


The Green City Growers educational team is well-equipped to teach to any classroom population. Programming can be adjusted to be compatible with any age group (pre-school to college level), demographic, curriculum requirements, or special needs.

Concerned about rainy days or a less-than-ideal growing season? Weather is never an issue with a range of indoor lessons and activities in the event that class cannot be held outside.

Who We Work With

Green City Growers provides garden education programming for national organizations including The Boys and Girls Club and the YMCA, as well as Boston-area school districts such as Boston Public Schools, all five elementary schools Beverly Public School district, and the City of Somerville in part through business sponsorship with local partners like Whole Foods Market.

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