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GCG Names Christopher Grallert as Company President

Green City Growers (GCG) has announced the promotion of Christopher Grallert to the position of Company President.

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Celebrating 5 Years of Fenway Farms

On August 1st 2019, GCG celebrated 5 years of Fenway Farms, the innovative rooftop farm we manage for the Boston Red Sox. Here are some pictures from the event. To 5 more years of creating joy and inspiring the public to grow their own food! GCG CEO Jessie Banhazl and […]

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An Interview with Farmer Cristina Cosentino

How did you get into farming? I sort of fell into farming while researching Slow Food for my Master’s degree in Italy. Slow Food is a now international movement that began in Italy in response to the first McDonald’s opening in Rome in 1986. Today Slow Food advocates for “good, […]

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Thinking Outside the Box

For eight years, Green City Growers has helped individuals from all walks of life create their very own urban backyard oases, where the aroma of fresh mint fills the air, the sun shines bright, songbirds sing, and delicious produce is ripe for the picking. Now, as the urban agriculture revolution is adopted by the mainstream, we […]

What’s the Next Kale? Turns Out It Doesn’t Matter Much.

Sick of blog posts proclaiming that                 is the next kale? We are too, and apparently, so is the National Restaurant Association (NRA). Last week, the NRA released its Whats Hot in 2017 Culinary Forecast. This annual report surveyed almost 1,300 members of […]

Out with lime jello, in with garden-fresh produce

Hospital food. Most of us have been unlucky enough to experience the bland, unappetizing stuff. But health professionals are starting to promote healthy eating habits in new and exciting ways. From full scale production farms to prescriptions for healthy eating, here are some of the innovative ways that hospitals and […]

Could Gardening Save Businesses Billions?

The National Institutes of Health recently reported that 1 out of 5 adults in the U.S. struggle with chronic or severe pain. In 2010, American businesses lost between $297 and $335 billion due to lost productivity attributable to pain. Horticultural therapy provides a cost-effective solution to help employees with pain […]

Planning Your Garden for Unpredictability

Part of a garden’s allure is its rhythm. The arrival of spring each year signals a beginning, and with it an opportunity to imagine and to plan the months ahead. Yet, while we may strive to schedule, to plan, to organize, even the best laid plans mean nothing when a […]

Michelle Obama’s Kitchen Garden Is Just the Beginning

October 6, 2016: Yesterday, First Lady Michelle Obama moved to make her efforts in combatting child obesity a lasting part of her legacy. At a celebration of the accomplishments of her signature Let’s Move! campaign, Mrs. Obama dedicated the White House Kitchen garden in the hopes of creating a tangible and […]

Heirloom Beans Tell Ancient Stories

October brings shorter, cooler days, brisk nights, and the end of the summer harvest season. But as we say goodbye to tomatoes and cucumbers, fall harvest crops like corn, beans, and squash are ready to say hello! Heirloom beans are a nutritious and versatile crop, but are rarely grown in New […]

Laying the Ground for an Urban Farm Bill

When the Farm Bill is renewed in 2018, urban agriculture may be making its (arguably overdue) arrival, if Senator Debbie Stabenow, D-Michigan has her way. Stabenow announced “the most comprehensive urban agriculture bill” this week, titled The Urban Agriculture Act of 2016. While Stabenow admits that the bill has no […]

How Public Health Has Reached the Office

Is the era of fluorescent bulb-filled, cubicle-lined offices coming to an end? As programs like Fitwel research best practices for healthy living in the workplace, and as developers like National Development put theory into practice, it certainly seems so. Public interest in health and wellness isn’t going anywhere, and companies are taking […]