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Why We are a Bcorp

Certified B Corporations are a new kind of business classification that balances purpose and profit.

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Top 5 Property Management Problems (and how to solve them with a garden)

Here are the top five challenges property managers face and we’re going to show you how you can solve them with a garden. Surprised? Read on to learn how. 5: Under-Utilization of Space: Space equals money in the real estate world and you want to use as much of it […]

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Everyone’s Talking About Mushrooms!

You may be wondering, “why are we SO excited about mushrooms?” Well, our mushroom logs have finally fruited! Over a year in the making, we have successfully grown edible shiitake mushrooms! Last year, our horticulture team inoculated hardwood logs with shiitake plug spawn, and sealed them with food grade wax […]

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Former Intern Starts Her Own Rock Dust Business

Have you heard about rock dust fertilizer? My name is Macy Horton and I am a guest blogger here to tell you about its wonders!  I was an intern at Green City Growers last summer, and working with the GCG team was one of the most formative experiences of my life. The […]

The Urban Bounty Book Now On Sale!

We’re excited to announce that “The Urban Bounty – How to Grow Fresh Food, Anywhere” is now on sale! From our many friends and supporters, we were able to raise enough money through a Kickstarter campaign to publish our first ever book. The farmers at GCG have drawn upon their […]

“Hyper-Local” Growing – Sustainable Cities

Dorchester Restaurant begins Its Fourth Growing Season on their 5,000 square foot rooftop farm, Others Expected to Follow Ledge Kitchen and Drinks in Dorchester is set to begin its fourth growing season with Green City Growers. Ledge partnered with GCG and Recover Green Roofs of Somerville, MA to build a […]

Jessie Honored with “30 Under 30” Award

Owner Jessie Banhazl is one of Zagat’s top “30 Under 30” Boston is a city for innovators, and thanks to steadfast leadership from owner and co-founder Jessie Banhazl, Green City Growers is at the lead of the pack. Most recently, Jessie has been recognized as one of Zagat’s “30 Under […]

Mindful Eating: Make Your Food Mean Something

Appreciating Your Food to the Fullest What were you doing the last time you ate? Were you actually just eating? For many people, meals serve as a multi-purpose food-consuming/email-checking/news-reading/kid-taming session. But there is something to be gained from mindfully meditating on your food: where it comes from, who was involved […]

Home Is Where the Food Is

Discovering New Greens at Fresh Pond Apartments Is there a meal that reminds you of home? Whether it’s your mom’s pad see ew or your Grandpa’s ratatouille, you can probably think of a dish or ingredient that reminds you of the place you are from. Replicating these meals can make […]

Somerville Encourages Urban Agriculture

Our city is on the forefront of urban agriculture. This past fall, Somerville government officials passed regulations and an ordinance allowing residents to keep chickens, bees, and personal commercial farms right in their own backyard. In most cities, zoning laws hinder homesteading activities such as these due to conflicts with […]

‘Tis the Season for Soup!

Root Vegetable Soup Recipe Every time I step into my friend Chiara’s home, the aroma of some expertly, authentically cooked Italian meal graciously greets me at the door. I pester her mother to reveal her secrets, and the following recipe is the first successful response I received. And of course, […]

Cool as a Cucumber Soup!

The perfect Summer treat is waiting in your garden! Recently, the Green City Growers team has harvested a lot of scallions (green onions), cucumbers, and dill have been harvested from our raised beds out front of GCG headquarters. These three vegetables happen to be three of the ingredients for one of […]