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An Interview with Eric Dawson, Farmer and Educator

“I’ve come to recognize that caring for a garden can also be a way of caring for one’s self. It’s extremely inspiring to see first-hand how our programs help lift people up.” Read the full interview with our farmer and educator Eric Dawson to find out what led Eric to Green City Growers and how he sees his work here engaging and inspiring local communities.

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GCG Awarded 2019 USDA Farm-to-School Grant

Green City Growers, in partnership with the Boston Public Schools, Friends of the Boston Schoolyards, and the BPS STRIVE program, are pleased to announce that we are the recipient of a 2019 Farm-to-School grant from the USDA.

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Making the Most Out of Sunflowers

The sunflowers in front of Green City Growers’ Somerville office are bright and in bloom, stretching high above the rest of the garden. With their soaring stalks and bright yellow petals, sunflowers bring color to almost any plot of land. However, sunflowers can do more than just add aesthetic appeal; […]

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Simple Spring Salad

Kale Salad with Spring Onions & Pumpernickel Croutons Spring onions, quite simply, are regular onions that farmers pull from the field to thin the rows. They can be cooked and used as standard onions or leeks, or, better yet, maximize their tender, sweet flavor by using them raw in salads, […]

Boston’s Farm Team Joins the Walk for Hunger

Green City Growers, also known as Boston’s Farm Team, is walking in the Project Bread Walk for Hunger on Sunday, May 3rd! Project Bread is an incredible non-profit that seeks to develop multiple solutions to combat systemic hunger – solutions that meet people of all ages and walks of life […]

Spring in New England Bibimbap Recipe

From guest blogger Laurel Valchuis, al FreshCo It’s the ‘in between’ season. Winter crops are in shorter supply, and our favorite summer crops are still a ways from being harvestable. Yet there are still delicious seasonal dishes to be made! Some of our favorite root crops linger from last season: […]

Rain, Rain, Please Stay!!

By now, you’ve likely heard about the so-called ‘megadrought’ in California, whose effects have prompted California Governor Jerry Brown to instate the first-ever guidelines mandating water reductions for urban centers. These guidelines will save an estimated 500 billion gallons of water between now and February, but with 80% of the […]

Green Roofs on Every Building?!

Two weeks ago, French parliament did something pretty awesome in the eyes of us here at Green City Growers. Per a report from the Agence France-Presse, on March 19, the French government passed a new law which requires all new buildings built in commercial zones have roofs that are at […]

Urban Farming is All About Options

Think there’s only one right way to grow vegetables in Boston, or any city for that matter? Think again! Here at GCG we’ve found the combination of systems that work best for us, but the urban farmer has an endless array of options to customize their urban vegetable garden. Ground level […]

The (Not-So-Stinky) Truth About Compost

This past weekend I discovered why my roommates did not want to compost in our apartment. To my shock and dismay, my friends actually thought composting occurs in the kitchen, or bin where you collect your compost. They thought it would be smellier than normal garbage! So, what exactly is […]

Green City Grow Away Your Winter Blues

With the Winter Solstice around the corner and snow already on the ground in Boston, it may be tough to think of springtime in your garden, let alone conceive of beautiful vegetables growing from it. But the seasons will march on, and before we’ve thawed out from this winter, you […]

The Benefits of Being a Benefit Corporation

Did you know that Green City Growers is a Certified B Corporation? B Corporations are a new kind of company which uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems, and since August 2014, we’ve proudly been able to join the ranks. The B in the name stands […]