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When to Plant for a Bountiful Fall Harvest

With July now squarely behind us, and August nearly half over, the chilly grasp of autumn looms on the forefront of our minds. While our builds team has not quite begun building cold frames – though they will be soon – our farmers have been planting in fall crops for […]

Happy without Heat: Chickens in the Winter

One of your main concerns about installing a chicken coop at your home may be about how the chickens will keep warm in our harsh, New England weather. No need to worry! Because chickens stick together in a flock, it is not necessary to add heat. It might be tempting […]

Why We Do What We Do

This is part four of a four-part series spotlighting the leadership of Green City Growers. Read part two, part three, and part four. While it is only August, 2015 has already been a year for the Green City Growers history books. The non-stop fervor of installations – from the record-setting Fenway […]

Picking Your Pets: The Best Chicken Breeds

If you are thinking of raising backyard chickens at your house, you probably have a lot of questions about costs, health risks, and your local poultry regulations.  These are all very important things to think about, but there’s another question you should add to your list…what kind of chickens do […]

Tasty Summer Squash Treat

Now is prime time for summer squash! Wondering what to do with all that fresh produce in your garden? Here is a quick and easy (vegan!) recipe that makes a great snack or summer appetizer. Breaded Summer Squash Rounds   Ingredients: 1. 1 summer squash 2. 1/2 tsp garlic powder […]

Know Your Tomatoes

The arrival of mid-July heat and humidity has some of us almost (almost…) wishing for the snow of this past February. Yet, though the days are at times swelteringly hot and the sun unrelenting, we can make no complaints about the start of one of the most delicious times of […]

Stuffed Summer Squash Flowers with Tomato Olive Salad

Ever wanted to try making stuffed squash flowers, but thought it was too complicated? So did we, until we tried making them and found the process to be quite simple.  So grab some squash flowers and follow the (vegan!) recipe below, along with an easy tomato and olive salad recipe, […]

The Big 3: Combat Common Diseases with Backyard Chicken Keeping

When Jessie founded Green City Growers in 2008, she sought to find a solution to major health outbreaks that were becoming all-too-common in industrial vegetable production. These days, though, health concerns about egg and poultry production seem just as common, and we see backyard chicken keeping as an equally promising solution […]

Corporate Wellness in Waltham

      On Wednesday, June 10th, members of the Green City Growers team visited the Verizon Wireless and National Grid corporate wellness vegetable garden in Waltham. The aim of the visit, along with every corporate wellness visit, was to give employees a chance to get out of the office for an […]

Fresh Garden Sushi

With the warm summer weather finally starting to pick up, the staff at GCG decided to celebrate with fresh garden sushi, a vegetarian snack made fresh from our own garden! Keep reading to recreate the recipe. Fresh Garden Sushi Ingredients 8-10 cabbage leaves, washed and dried 2 cups cooked sushi […]

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