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GCG Names Christopher Grallert as Company President

Green City Growers (GCG) has announced the promotion of Christopher Grallert to the position of Company President.

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Celebrating 5 Years of Fenway Farms

On August 1st 2019, GCG celebrated 5 years of Fenway Farms, the innovative rooftop farm we manage for the Boston Red Sox. Here are some pictures from the event. To 5 more years of creating joy and inspiring the public to grow their own food! GCG CEO Jessie Banhazl and […]

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An Interview with Farmer Cristina Cosentino

How did you get into farming? I sort of fell into farming while researching Slow Food for my Master’s degree in Italy. Slow Food is a now international movement that began in Italy in response to the first McDonald’s opening in Rome in 1986. Today Slow Food advocates for “good, […]

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Vegan & Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread

It’s time to take back pumpkin. Listen, I get it. There are few things more quintessentially “fall” than the sights of changing leaves, the gentle nip of an autumn breeze, and above all else, the smells and tastes of warm apple and pumpkin confectionaries. With the arrival of cool autumn […]

Why Heirloom Tomatoes Have Scars, and Ratatouille Recipe

We lucked into a wonderful gift this week – a beautiful harvest of heirloom tomatoes from one of our residential clients. Turns out, she doesn’t like heirloom tomatoes. Nothing to do with their flavor, but everything to do with their perceived imperfections. Causes of Scarring Also called catfacing, scarring is […]

[Egg] of a Different Color and Quiche Recipe

Ask anyone whose seen The Wizard of Oz, and they’ll likely be well acquainted with the Horse of a Different Color, which changes from white to yellow to red to purple. Ask what colors eggs come in, and the response will likely be only white, or maybe white and brown. Bor-ing! […]

Grow In the Snow: A Beginner’s Guide to Overwintering

We’ve written before about how you can extend the growing season with a cold frame. Given the New England growing season, a season extender will allow you to keep the air and soil temperature around your plants a bit warmer, helping you to grow through November and get started planting […]

Keeping Cool: Help Your Backyard Chickens Beat the Heat

It’s September and the first day of fall is fast approaching, but it still feels like summer in Boston. Have you considered how your feathered friends are coping with the lingering heat? Our poultry expert Khrysti Smyth has a few tips to help keep your backyard chickens cool. Six Tips to […]

Fall, Football and…Vegetables!

Like us, are you a fan of football, tailgating, and all the traditional fare that goes along with it? Does your game day menu read something like this: spicy chili, burgers, pulled pork, and hot wings, where the only vegetables present are a few celery and carrot sticks that exist as garnish? […]

Zucchini-Corn Fritters with Tomato Compote

August is the month of abundance for some of Green City Growers staff favorites, fruiting crops such as zucchini, corn, and tomatoes, before we start planting in the fall crops. This particular combination of zucchini-corn-tomato are the ingredients for one of our favorite summertime recipes, zucchini-corn fritters with tomato compote. […]

When to Plant for a Bountiful Fall Harvest

With July now squarely behind us, and August nearly half over, the chilly grasp of autumn looms on the forefront of our minds. While our builds team has not quite begun building cold frames – though they will be soon – our farmers have been planting in fall crops for […]

Happy without Heat: Chickens in the Winter

One of your main concerns about installing a chicken coop at your home may be about how the chickens will keep warm in our harsh, New England weather. No need to worry! Because chickens stick together in a flock, it is not necessary to add heat. It might be tempting […]