Raised Beds

Built for Versatility, Production, & Value

Green City Growers’ (GCG) raised beds are optimized for growing
vegetables virtually anywhere with a contained, clean aesthetic.
Installations include root-proof bed frames constructed from Vermont-
sourced cedar, steel trellising to support vining plants like tomatoes and beans, in-bed drip irrigation, and our custom-blended soil designed for successful edibles growing. These are a great option for residential, community or corporate farms. Custom container designs are available as well, including galvanized round end tanks and milk crate planters. There are hundreds of colors, materials, and layouts to choose from!


Our raised beds are designed to be modular and easy to access and use. Custom-designed corner brackets offer sleek support of the bed and enable easy integration of pest fencing and trellising. Irrigation infrastructure set up, including diverter, timer and main line from spigot to beds, requires a one-time fee per garden. GCG’s standard raised beds are 4’x8’x22” but beds can be built in custom shapes and sizes, painted or stained to match other structures or surrounding decor, or made adaptive at a range of heights and depths to accommodate physical constraints. GCG’s design team will help you choose a raised bed design that works best for your needs.

Bed Additions

Pest Fencing


Pests are a common issue, even in urban areas, that can be minimized by installing proper pest fencing. Designed to slide easily into our corner brackets, our flip-down pest fencing allows for easy access for garden maintenance while protecting your crops.


We also provide custom perimeter fencing in a variety of materials and sizes. Let us know your garden vision and we can help design the perfect fencing system for your space.




Trellising allows plants to grow vertically making more space available for the plants in your raised beds. Trellises are made with 1.5” steel tubes with a steel grid trellis, and come in 8’ lengths and can be cut to 8’’ increments.




Cold frames act as mini greenhouses that fit on top of our raised beds. During winter months, cold frames trap heat from the sun to maintain an environment that is up to 30 degrees warmer than outside. With cold frame technology, you can extend the growing season into the late fall and early spring, with potential to harvest year round.


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