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Modular Milk Crate Farms

Modular Milk Crate Farms image

Milk crates are a simple and versatile vehicle for growing herbs indoors, and urban farming outdoors at ground level or on rooftops successfully. These modular systems can be small – like our indoor mint garden at b.good – or very large – like the 1,800 square feet of growing space at Fenway Farms. Supplement a raised bed garden with small patio planters, or construct an enormous, but moveable, farm on a rooftop or in a vacant lot!

sasaki-herbcratesOn the Move

One of the best reasons for growing in milk crates? Their versatility.

Milk crates are stackable and movable non-permanent structures, which allows for creative and elaborate outdoor designs that can be reconfigured as needed again and again. Riverpark Farm in New York City was born from a stalled construction site. When developers faced a “stalled site” in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, they filled the vacant land with a number of milk crates and made it a productive space. Now, developers everywhere are following this trend, converting temporarily vacant lots into urban farms, which can be moved to new sites upon commencement of building.

Example Modular Systems

  • Sasaki Associates in Watertown, MA supplements their raised bed garden with a milk crate herb garden
  • The Brandeis University rooftop milk crate farm is constructed from modular crates
  • The 1,800 square feet of growing space at Fenway Farms is comprised entirely of milk crates
  • Indoor growing systems at b.good house mint for use in smoothies



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