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Ecological Landscaping

Ecological Landscaping image

Ecological landscaping, or ecoscaping, is a holistic approach to sustainable land management that increases biodiversity, promotes living soils, strengthens local ecosystems, and establishes plant communities that mimic existing patterns and relationships of the natural world. Our design team can create a fully customized and aesthetically pleasing landscape that incorporates high-yield vegetable gardens, fruit trees and bushes, perennial and native plants, and makes your home a happier and healthier place to be.

Some ways in which this can be achieved include:

  • Using natural products rather than artificial decorations
  • Reducing the use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Self-contained water reservoirs for water balance
  • Maximizing ecological function

Custom Ideas, Custom Price

Sustainable landscapes result in outdoor environments that are functional, maintainable, ecologically sustainable, more cost effective and aesthetically pleasing. Because no two ecoscapes will ever look the same, a full design consultation and customized quote will be generated on a project-by-project basis.

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