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Custom Gardens Creative Growing Systems

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Green City Growers specializes in vegetable gardening in a variety of creative growing systems to fit unique space and budgetary requirements. Unconventional containers such as modular milk crates and kiddie pools afford clients greater flexibility for high production growing at ground level, on rooftops and indoors, while unique planters and troughs allow for a customized aesthetic to match your space.

An Aesthetic Touch

Osteria Posto grows vegetables and herbs for use in farm-to-table inspired cocktails and drinks in a series of large galvanized troughs. The planters, which are mounted on wheeled castors to allow for easy movement, provide a unique and beautiful look to the restaurant’s entrance.

The Seaport Hotel has converted an existing landscaped bed on the property previously used for ornamental plants, maximizing production in a limited space.

The Creativity of b.good

b.good Harvard Square was the first location to use milk crates to grow herbs indoors. Green City Growers now maintains variations of these indoor growing systems at twelve b.good sites in the Greater Boston area!

bgood milk crate indoor growing mint  bgood-gti

Green City Growers also grows for b.good in a series of kiddie pools that have been used to grow tomatoes, collards, and kale – and have been moved five times over the years. The kiddie pools are currently housed in the South End, but have lived on a roof in the original b.good in Brookline, as well as a parking lot roof in Downtown Crossing. Talk about farming anywhere!

Creative Systems, Custom Pricing

Green City Growers is available to provide customized systems to fit the unique attributes or vision of your space. Contact us today to begin planning!

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