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Chicken Coops & Runs In Your Backyard

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Green City Growers now offers chicken coop installation and maintenance services for up to ten chickens for homeowners in the Greater Boston area living in towns that allow poultry-keeping. Concerned what the neighbors may think? Find the answers to 7 common urban chicken myths to ease your mind.

Get Started!

Ready to take the next step towards raising your own flock? An initial consultation will allow for us to assess your property and recommend the best location and size coop for you and your family. Chicken varieties, options, and basic information about bird care will be discussed. The consultation fee of $150/hour is non-refundable, but will be fully credited towards any coop you purchase through Green City Growers.

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Pre-existing coops require an initial assessment before sale of birds, monthly maintenance or health insurance programs.

Coop and Run Packages

Coop installation includes the delivery, placement, leveling, and securing of the coop and run. Coop packages include coop, feeder, waterer, run, and all necessary features to guarantee your birds are comfortable and safe from pests and predators. Installation also includes a 1.5’ sunken hardware cloth barrier around the perimeter of the run to ensure no predators can dig into the coop.

Coop color, wood choice, run design, and configurations are customizable.

Basic Coop and Run Sizes

Small Coop Package (Hosts 3-6 Birds)
4’x4′ Coop; 4’x8′ Run

Large Coop Package (Hosts 6-10 Birds)
4’x6′ Coop; 4’x8′ Run

All-Inclusive Packages

In addition to the coop, run, and installation offered in basic packages, all-inclusive packages include hand-sourced birds with our ‘health and hen’ guarantee, a two-hour training session, two follow-up visits, and your birds’ first month of bedding and food.

4’x4’ Coop (3-6 Birds) All-Inclusive Package

4’x6′ Coop (6-10 Birds) All-Inclusive Package