Cold Frame



Cold frames act as mini-greenhouses that fit on top of our raised beds or can be placed directly on the ground. During winter months, cold frames trap heat from the sun to maintain an environment that is up to 30 degrees warmer than outside. With cold frame technology, you can extend the growing season into the late fall and early spring, with potential to harvest year round.

Our cold frame technology utilizes a heat-activated automatic venting arm that opens and closes the lid to regulate fluctuating temperatures. This is critical to promote healthy growth and keep plants alive in the spring and fall, allowing for the highest possible success rate without constant monitoring.

Cold frames are built to a standard 4’x4′, covering half of a standard Green City Growers¬†raised bed. Cold frames cannot be shipped. Base price of $425 does not include delivery — we will follow up with you following your order to confirm final pricing, prior to payment!


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