Middlesex Green

Check in on the Middlesex Green vegetable garden in Concord, MA.

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Garden Updates

Garden Update- April 14th, 2021

Garden Update- April 12th, 2021

Garden Update- November3rd 2020

Garden Update- July 20th 2020

Garden Update- July 6th 2020

Garden Update- June 29th 2020

Garden Update- June 22nd 2020

Garden Update- June 15th 2020

Garden Update- June 8th 2020

Garden Update- June 4th 2020

Garden Update-May 28th, 2020

Garden Update- May 15th, 2020


Garden Location

The garden is located next to building 4

Garden Program

The garden program will take place on Mondays from 12pm-1pm starting April 5th.

What's Growing?

Herbs, kale, tomatoes, scallions, cucumbers, greens, radishes, squashes, root vegetables, and more!

Gardening During COVID-19

Please practice social distancing and wear a mask out at the garden at all times. Rubber gloves and hand sanitizer are available.

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