Emery Flats Apartments

Check in on updates from the garden at Emery Flats in Woburn!

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Garden Updates

Garden Update- August 20th 2020

Garden Update- August 27th 2020

Garden Update- September 4th 2020

Garden Update- September 11th 2020

Garden Update- September 19th 2020

Garden Update- September 25th

Garden Update- October 3rd

Garden Update-October 9th

Garden Update-October 17th

Garden Update-October 23th


What's Growing?

Kale, spinach, radishes, lettuce, Tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, peppers, lettuce, and more!

Where is the Garden?

The garden is located just outside the entrance to the courtyard.

Program Info

Garden sessions take place weekly and are open to all residents on Saturdays from 10am-11am.

Gardening During COVID-19

Please wear a mask and use social distancing when attending the garden program.

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