The Davis Companies

Green City Growers collaborated with The Davis Companies. to install and maintain an employee vegetable garden at Reservoir Woods, a 120-acre corporate campus in Waltham. More than fifty employees from National Grid’s corporate headquarters and Verizon’s research department participated in weekly gardening education programs during the inaugural 2014 growing season as part of their employee benefit package.

The System We Created

The GCG installation team installed five raised beds at varying heights, and outfitted two of these beds with cold frames to extend the growing season. Verizon and National Grid employees participate in weekly employee wellness programs that teach them everything from planting, to pest management, to harvesting.

Where Does the Food Go?

Originally, half of the produce grown at the Employee Vegetable Garden was to be donated to GCG partner Food for Free, and the other half go home with participants in the gardening program. The employee volunteers quickly decided, however, that they wished to donate all of the produce, which in 2014 was 250 pounds!

Project Players

There are many players at The Davis Companies, Verizon, and National Grid who contribute to the success of the program at Reservoir Woods. One employee of Verizon, however, deserves special recognition - Joe Osborne, a department manager at Verizon, utilizes the garden programing for weekly team building exercises for his staff.

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