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about the program:

Green City Growers, in partnership with the Boston Public Schools, BPS Facilities Management, Friends of the Boston Schoolyards, and the BPS STRIVE program, are pleased to announce they are the recipient of a 2019 Farm-to-School grant from the USDA.

Thanks to this generous grant, Green City Growers will work in collaboration with BPS Facilities Management to provide BPS STRIVE special needs students to hands-on vocational training. Skills taught will include building agricultural infrastructure, crop cultivation, and landscape maintenance, with program sessions hosted at four BPS elementary school sites that will receive new garden beds. The gardens will also be used by the elementary school students, with each school receiving teacher training and hands-on education sessions focused on nutrition, gardening and farming. This program will impact 60 special needs students and 500 elementary aged students within the Boston Public School system over the 2 year grant timeline.

GCG is excited to have the opportunity to advance the USDA Farm-to-School program’s mission of helping the next generation better understand where its food comes from, while strengthening local economies.