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Brandeis University Rooftop Farm

Funded by a grant from the university's Sustainability Fund for the years 2015-2018, the Brandeis Rooftop Community Farm club was a student-run organization that came about after students in Professor Laura Goldin's “Greening the Ivory Tower” experiential-learning course were inspired to continue their studies on urban sustainability.

Brandeis University Rooftop Farm image

The System We Created

The 1,500 square foot farm is constructed out of milk crates atop the Shapiro Science Center’s Leo Gerstenzang Science Library. Green City Growers installed the system after building's structural integrity was assessed by Brandeis engineering students. GCG farmers also provide weekly maintenance and educational programming to help train the volunteers.

Where Does the Food Go?

Active from 2015-2018, The Brandeis Farmer's Club had set up a Community-Supported Agriculture program for faculty and staff members, who will receive some produce in exchange for buying into the program for a half or whole share, or donating their time to the farm's upkeep. A larger portion of the produce is either donated to local food banks or sold at the farmers' market to fund future investment in the farm. The farm has currently been dismantled due to campus construction.