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B.GOOD Restaurants

When we partnered with B.GOOD in 2009 to grow tomatoes on the rooftop of their Brookline location, we never anticipated we would be growing with them all across New England. The motto of B.GOOD is “food with roots” and there’s nothing more rooted than growing their own supply of fresh produce only feet from their kitchens at ground level and in their restaurants indoors.

The System We Created

Green City Growers maintains gardens and growing systems at several B.GOOD locations throughout the Northeast. Each location brings its own set of challenges and creative solutions for growing produce. With no intention to stop expanding, B.GOOD is proving that you can really grow anywhere.

Where Does the Food Go?

B.GOOD incorporates the harvest directly into meals for their many hungry customers. This year, kale and mint are grown to use in their smoothies. In the past, B.GOOD chefs added GCG-grown tomatoes into a seasonal tomato and mozzarella salad, and kale and collards into quinoa bowls!

Project Players

Because of their passionate commitment to real food, we’ve fostered a fantastic relationship with B.GOOD, and we look forward to years of continued growing together!