At athenahealth, positive company culture is a top priority, which is why they offer their employees a number of beneficial and fun perks including their on-site gardening program launched with Green City Growers in 2014. Since the company offers electronic health record and medical billing services, it only makes sense that their employees stay active and healthy. What better way is there to take a break from the computer desk than getting your hands dirty by planting some tasty, organic vegetables?

The System We Created

Green City Growers installed eight cedar raised beds at varying heights at athenahealth’s headquarters in Watertown, Massachusetts, as well as cold frames to allow for season extension. Each week, the GCG education team maintains the site and provides athenahealth employees with horticultural lessons they can apply at home to their own gardens.

Where Does the Food Go?

Several of the beds are dedicated to supplying the on-site Nourish Café, where athenahealth employees reap the delicious fruits (well…vegetables) of the participants’ labor. The salad prices are subsidized to encourage healthy eating. The rest of the produce goes home with those involved in the program, so that they can continue feasting upon hyper-local produce throughout the growing season.

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