Assembly Row

Assembly Row is a new mixed-use development, a "cohesive and complete urban environment where Greater Boston comes to shop, dine, work, live and play." Built by Federal Realty, this Somerville development is a combination office space, entertainment destination, park, hotel, residential complex, and more.
Assembly Row image

The System We Created

Green City Growers installed ten 4'x8' double raised beds along with additional landscaping including gravel pathways, bench seating, and perennial landscaping. A perimeter chain link fence was subcontracted to and installed by Any Fence Co. GCG farmers provide basic maintenance services for the beds, as well as educational programming for the community and corporate wellness programs for Assembly Row tenant SmartBear Software.

Where Does the Food Go?

Embodying the spirit of Assembly Row, this mixed-used garden serves a number of purposes. Seven of the beds supply fresh produce to River Bar and Papagayo Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Bar, two of the complex's restaurants. Produce from the remaining three beds, which serve as a corporate wellness site for SmartBear and a community programming site, goes home with the employees and community members.

Products Ordered

  • Raised Beds

Maintenance Ordered

  • Educational Programming
  • Restaurants Maintenance

Programs Ordered

  • Corporate Wellness Programs

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