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Your Farm, Anywhere.

Green City Growers provides your business, school, or household with the tools and skills necessary to grow your own produce. We offer a wide variety of products, maintenance and consulting services, and educational programs to help you farm anywhere.

Urban Ag Products

Built for Versatility, Production, & Value
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Extend the Growing Season up to Three Months
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Grow a Farm. On Your Roof!
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Strengthen local ecosystems
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Versatile, Mobile Growing
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A Worthwhile Investment
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Installation & Maintenance
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Maintenance Services

Hyper-Local Produce
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Lead the Local Food Movement
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Organically-grown Produce for the Whole Family
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Monthly Check-in to Guarantee Health
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Educational Programming

Cross-curricular Vegetable Garden Education Program
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Working One-on-one with Your Employees
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Sponsored by the Mayor of Somerville
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Expert Edibles Knowledge for Any Space
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Need assistance with a new project?
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