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The Return of the Urban Farm

In March Took Michelle Obama spades in the strong hands, pushed him into the green lawn of the White House and made ​​for excavation. Then she planted vegetables, 55 varieties. Since then, the vegetable patch has seen Itself all over the US change . Because with the sleeves rolled up his First Lady therefore equal to the image of the do-it-yourself gardening around.

And something else Caused the American people for a rethink of vegetable patch. Numerous food scandals – bacterially contaminated meat, Salmonella in raw tomatoes -. have meant did more and more Americans are the food industry in question Films like the documentary “Food Inc.” in the cinema, the discussion Continues to heat up.

Nutrition-conscious urbanites in the United States have now found a simple solution As They hit the big food companies cheat. The eco-avant-garde: because of Their penchant for healthy, sustainable lifestyle (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) Lohas called wants Eventually to spoon the spinach with a clear conscience. Spinach is best from the garden.

So they make it look like Michelle Obama and a lot of German – and create in times of crisis, their little private little garden on. More and more typically American, wohlgetrimmte lawn turn into a vegetable patch. Meanwhile, there are not just a new word art, but also a whole movement – and their followers are called “locavores”. This is composed of locally and the Latin word for “eat” – eat only what the region – just your own or garden comes.

The change of image of home grown vegetables gardener scent throughout the country their big chance – they have discovered the gap in the market. Gabriel earth-Cohen is a gardener. The man from Boston to bear its mission in its name. He is convinced that on the narrowest window sill and the closest balcony room for a small farm.

And he also knows that the Lohas are very well considered on sustainability and health, but also on well-groomed appearance and upscale pleasure. Weeding and soil under the fingernails do not match.

Why does the earth-Cohen locavores work and tries to provide a complete service: he designed and nutmegs beds for the smallest roof terrace, and if it is just one square meter. Not even enough space for it, he planted round children’s wading pool or flower pots in concrete backyard. Is possible on the smallest hut. The urban farm fits anywhere.

Against the appropriate fee, the gardener looks regularly to the plants, pouring and weeding weeds. For creating a one by one meter large garden plot standard vegetable gardener requires 450 dollars , 1000 dollars cost large vegetable beds. For weeding and watering collect Companies like still times 35 dollars from world-Cohen week.

This not only makes him happy – the Gärtner is currently a demand for interviews, what his customer list can skyrocket. The 25-year-old argued with the well-being of its customers: “People want to know where their food comes from,” he said to a local newspaper in Boston. “And good food makes you happy.”

One would think that the people who are watching the first own cucumber and zucchini first drawn by slow growth are particularly happy when they harvest the ripe fruit of a Sommerarbends and keep in admiration in his hands.

But that would be reconnected to work: To many Loha is even this part of the “Urban Agriculture” too much effort. No problem. The Gärtner finally provides a complete package – and sets the ripe fruits freshly harvested the Loha before the door. Already washed, of course.

Must prepare only the big cities, which are already known in the US “Lazy Locavores” yet. But from the vegetables from the garden can be sure also make wonderful smoothies. Who says you can not even drink a cucumber? So the lazy Lohas could also save chewing.