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And the green award goes to… Green City Growers

You work in a cubicle all day. Gray walls make you angry.
The phones just won’t stop ringing. The customer isn’t always right.
You barely have enough time to eat on your lunch break. Starbucks should deliver.
You wonder if you’ll ever see the light of day. Those gray walls are really making you angry.
Wouldn’t it be great if your employer did something, something to re-energize and jump-start your day? One employer did. Harvard Pilgrim’s Corporate Headquarters in Wellesley and Quincy, Mass has teamed up with Green City Growers and created something special. Employees have the opportunity to learn how to plant, maintain and harvest raised-bed vegetable gardens just steps outside their worksite.  Here is what Harvard Pilgrim is saying about the program.
Put that in the suggestion box the next time you are at work.
The greatness that is Green City Growers doesn’t stop there. They are a group of organic farmers who have taken their talents to the mean streets of Boston to build, design and maintain raised-bed year-round produce farms for your yard, rooftop, driveway or deck. You can choose to get down and dirty and just have them come for a one-time consultation or keep your hands clean and have them take care of the weekly maintenance on your garden. You can even email them to set up a FREE consultation if you’re still on the fence. Did I mention they can also help you with composting and starting a worm bin? Once you have your garden set up, you can choose to donate a portion of your harvest to local non-profit organizations. Fast track to some knowledge on how to go about choosing the right one for you by reading what our Boston Non-Profit Business Examiner has to say.
So instead of you doing the eco-traveling let Green City Growers do it for you. Not sold on the idea yet? Our Backyard Living Examiner may convince you otherwise. Just take a look at all of the benefits of building a raised garden bed right in your very own backyard or industrial park. At least with the Green City Growers, your green thumb will be well supported.