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A Garden Grows at Teradyne

Green City Growers forges an Urban Farming collaboration with Teradyne

Green City Growers’ CEO, Christopher Grallert, Teradyne’s ESH Corporate Manager, Debra Pulpi, Green City Growers’ Business Development Manager, Anna Mutch, and Teradyne’s Environmental Health Safety Engineer, Charlie Larussa

Green City Growers (GCG) is delighted to announce a new collaboration with Teradyne as part of Teradyne’s portfolio of sustainability initiatives. Green City Growers has built and installed 10 large container gardens at Teradyne’s North Reading campus.

Beginning April 1st, the Teradyne team will be able to participate in weekly farmer’s visits from Green City Growers’ experienced and dedicated urban farmers. The GCG team will maintain the growing beds so that they are healthy and productive all season long. The food harvested will be used in Teradyne’s on-site kitchen and served in their cafeteria. GCG has already begun meeting with the corporate chef about the best ways to showcase the bounty grown on-site.

Teradyne has been dedicated in promoting sustainability goals. “The garden will be an exciting and very visible aspect of the company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, and one that allows the Teradyne community to experience first-hand what happens when you put your hands into soil and actually grow food,” says Green City Grower’s president Christopher Grallert. “Our goal is to build community through teaching, ‘Agricultural Literacy’. Most of us are several generations removed from working the land, and as a consequence we have no first-hand experience with what it takes to make food grow. A central part of GCG’s mission is to teach Agricultural Literacy as co-workers experience the joy of learning and of working together in the garden.”

“Teradyne is very excited about our “Tera” Garden,” said Teradyne’s ESH Corporate Manager, Debra Pulpi. “This garden represents our commitment to sustainability, environmental stewardship, wellness and community. Our hope is our team’s participation in the planting, tending and harvesting process will foster closer relationships and a sense of community. The act of gardening, and getting outside, reduces stress and contributes to both mental and physical health. Our intent is to use the produce in our cafeteria where our employees can benefit from the ‘fruits’ (or vegetables) of their labor. We hope our garden will be a social hub for our employees and encourage them to cultivate gardens their own home gardens.”

In addition to making sure the gardens are healthy and productive, the weekly Green City Grower’s Farmer visits will provide teaching on topics that increase agricultural literacy, educates participants on a topic of the week and provide each Teradyne attendee with a QR code to scan for a take-home sheet on that day’s topic. The rest of the time will be spent gardening with the farmer. Chris Grallert says, “We are so excited about this project. We think it’s the model of a great opportunity for corporations to work towards sustainability, move the food system forward, and create joyful shared experiences for their staff.”

Based in Somerville, Massachusetts, Green City Growers is a major force in the industry sector referred to as Farming as a Service. Currently, GCG manages over 200 active gardens in New England and beyond, including gardens at public schools, at corporate office parks, at hospitals, senior centers, and residential complexes. Not only does Green City Growers build the beds and plant the gardens, but GCG also maintains the gardens so that month after month, year after year, GCG installed gardens will thrive and grow. In addition to the 17 farmers GCG has on staff, the organization boasts a team of experienced educators who support schoolteachers and others to integrate urban farming into school curriculum. Green City Growers is a B Corporation, a mission driven corporation driven by more than profits.

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