School Garden Sponsorships Create real impact in your community

With little control or awareness of where one’s food comes from, parents and children have limited means to affect what they eat or combat the financial and physical ravages of eating poorly. Green City Growers (GCG) is dedicated to partnering with businesses like yours to educate the community about where food comes from, how food grows, and create awareness as to how gardening can be a fun, simple way to create a fundamental understanding of healthy living.

To help fill the gap in school funding, GCG partners local businesses with schools in the community committed to implementing garden education programming, but that require sponsorship assistance. We invite you to be that sponsor and impact a generation of children.

GCG has provided garden education programming for The Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA of Greater Boston, Boston Public Schools, and the City of Somerville in part through business sponsorships.


  •  Generation and promotion of brand awareness and social mission.
  •  Sponsor recognition in all press and multi-media marketing.
  • Invitation to on-site farm events and related programming events.
  •  Logo placement on farm signs, program materials, and GCG website.


GCG has developed and implemented a comprehensive cross-curricular Garden Education Program incorporating math, science, and social studies, around the Greater Boston area for the past 6 years. Hundreds of children participate in this programming annually, arming them with lifelong tools for a healthy lifestyle. Whether hosting on-site programming at your business or sponsoring a school garden education program in your community, let’s get growing! Email Us for more information to get started.