Case study: the health benefits of on-site gardens at senior living facilities for senior citizens

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    This study describes the physical, mental and emotional health benefits of residential gardens for senior citizens. On-site gardens at senior living facilities provide residents with a therapeutic alternative to traditional treatment and reconnects residents with nature through all steps of the gardening process, from planting to harvesting organic produce. Previous research indicates that senior citizens who engage in gardening show signs of higher quality of life, including increased levels of energy, improved physical, mental and emotional health, and greater overall life satisfaction. For patients diagnosed with Alzheimer's and dementia, gardening is beneficial to alleviate symptoms of memory loss, agitation, and cognitive reasoning skills. On-site gardens at senior living facilities are an economically feasible, non-pharmacological way to address and improve the mental and physical well being of senior living residents.

    Goddard House | (c) Maureen White Photography