Farm-To-Table On A Whole New Level

From fine dining to fast-casual, consumers everywhere are savvier about what they eat, with a growing desire for locally-sourced and sustainable ingredients. Your restaurant, cafe, hotel, grocery store or institution will stand apart from the competition as you provide your patrons with hyper-local organic fruits and vegetables.

An on site garden or urban farm can serve as much more than the source of fresh fruits and vegetables. Incorporating event space into the project design can provide additional revenue streams through hands-on programming, marketing activation and other unique functions. In addition to supporting FMI compliant produce merchandising efforts, GCG provides category management of onsite food production to help fit the grown produce into your store’s production plan. Reusable plastic containers are provided to facilitate the merchandise at store-level.

Green City Growers is bringing fresh product to the Levy culinary team and our Farmer Claire has been able to help us contribute to our community.  We look forward to long relationship. -Bill O’Brien, Director of Experience, Boston Convention and Events Center


A GCG managed site will yield between 2 to 4 pounds of produce per square foot of growing space over the course of the season, depending on crop selection. Prior to installation, we will work with you to develop a comprehensive crop plan, including yield projections and anticipated harvest dates for all crops. An associate market value analysis of garden yields is available upon request. We can help you grow any crop that can be grown in New England, though we are happy to experiment with unusual, difficult-to-source crops and varieties.


Leveraged to its fullest extent, your on site garden or farm can serve to boost excitement and messaging, driving eager customers to your restaurant or grocery store. Farming will allow your institution to make a positive impact on the earth by becoming more environmentally sustainable. Specific signage and large high-quality prints hung inside your establishment or designated menu items, media dinners and regular press releases are some ideas of how your institution can promote its onsite farm.

“Our Boylston location’s indoor garden has generated more attention and buzz than any sign or anything else we’ve done to connect people with what we do and our mission.”

– John Olinto, Owner/Founder of B.GOOD Restaurants


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