Grow Your Own Home Garden Installation + Maintenance

Have you always wanted a vegetable garden, but don’t know where to start? Enjoy fresh, organically grown produce for the whole family, grown at home, with a little help from Green City Growers (GCG). GCG evaluates your home for the best location to place a raised bed or in ground vegetable garden. Considering requirements for success, the best location may be your backyard or front yard, deck, driveway or rooftop. Installation includes drip irrigation options for plants and seeds to get you started, high-quality soil and initial set up. We recommend adding the Urban Bounty book to your order as your go-to-guide.

We have had the pleasure of working with Green City Growers since 2011 on a number of projects at our house – a raised bed and the design, construction, and initial planting of an extensive perennial bed.  Everyone we have worked with has been genuinely friendly, knowledgeable, competent, and responsive. Our gardens have been the beneficiaries of our on-going relationship with Green City Growers! – Mark & Susan, GCG Customers 


Having your own garden fuels personal and environmental health and local food sustainability. Make a contribution to food security and nutrition while saving money on produce. Gardening is a great way to more closely engage with the community around you. Through GCG, you will be connected with more farmers and neighbors in your area, meet new friends to collaborate with to help diversify your own garden and understand how rewarding it is to grow your own food


When it comes to garden maintenance, do it yourself or elicit help from the GCG professional horticulture team. We can maintain your garden for you, so you don’t have to get your hands dirty! Our bi-weekly standard maintenance plan includes all plants and seeds, organic pest and fungal management, natural fertilizers, and relevant horticultural materials. Your farmer will harvest for you unless otherwise specified. Post-visit emails review the work done and give instructions to the homeowner. The maintenance season runs from March to December (for clients with cold frames or other season extension); April to November (without).


Available to regular maintenance clients, the educational add-on includes four sessions for you and your family to work hands-on with a GCG urban farmer. Learn the fundamentals of backyard growing, from seed to harvest, directly from the experts. Educational visits are scheduled at a time convenient for your family, and take the place of a regular, unscheduled maintenance visit.



Professional help when you need it, schedule one of our farmers to work with you in your garden and cover the information you’d like to focus on. Materials, such as plants and compost, are supplied a la carte. We recommend this program be structured as a monthly visit, though this is not required. Additional maintenance or UGC visits are available for the beginning and end of the growing season, respectively. These may include adding compost, soil amendments, cleaning out the bed, blowing out the irrigation lines, re-installing or taking down irrigation timers, and setting up or removing trellising, pest fencing and cold frames.

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