Food Safety A Commitment to Safety + Protocol

Green City Growers (GCG) has a comprehensive food safety program that includes all levels of food production and handling. The structure of the program and the integration of the food safety programs is in place on our farm sites. This program is managed by GCG’s Food Safety Committee. The food safety program is based on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) for our farms as recommended by the FDA. Additionally, a trace back and recall program is performed and included in each operation’s food safety manual when applicable. Our horticulture team works in conjunction with the proper food safety techniques and complies with best practices. Any protocol additions or changes will be reviewed by the Director of Operations and the company Food Safety Committee.


Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Handling Practices (GHP) are voluntary audits that verify that grown produce is packed, handled and stored as safely as possible in order to minimize risks of microbial food safety hazards. GAP and GHP audits verify adherence to the recommendations made by the FDA and industry food safety practices. GCG strictly follows these guidelines when working in our gardens.


Operating Policies

GCG follows organic practices and GAP guidelines. All of our staff have been trained in GAP food safety protocol as well as on company hygiene and illness policies, We monitor all food safety-related prodcedures, and hold all necessary certifications. Our policies include food safety protocol for:

  • Equipment upkeep + sanitation
  • Contamination scenarios
  • Harvest and washing procedures
  • Staff hygiene