Maintenance Custom Plans for Yield + Engagement

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Custom Organic Maintenance

Green City Growers farmers use only organic (OMRI certified) methods and products for fertility and pest management. We manage first through prevention and optimizing plant health before introducing products. Our small-scale intensive approach to farming and gardening provides high yields, attractive garden and farm landscapes, and opportunities for hands-on engagement. Let GCG help you grow food, anywhere.

For Corporate + Property Managers

Draw employees or residents outside to plant, maintain, and harvest organic produce from your company’s garden. Green City Growers (GCG) corporate + tenant wellness gardens enhance your building’s sustainability, improve tenant health and wellness, attract and retain high quality candidates, give back to the local community, and garner positive press.

For Restaurants + Food Service Providers

From fine dining to fast-casual, consumers everywhere are savvier about what they eat, with a growing desire for locally-sourced and sustainable ingredients. Your restaurant, cafe, hotel, grocery store or institution will stand apart from the competition as you provide your patrons with hyper-local organic fruits and vegetables.


For Senior + Assisted Living

Green City Growers’ (GCG) Gardening with Seniors programs immerse participants in hands-on gardening activities, stimulating senses and memories while fostering a connection with nature. GCG programs provide therapeutic experiences tending plants, along with the camaraderie of gardening with peers and cross-generational conversation. Programming helps to enhance the overall wellbeing of participants, creating a place where life revolves around interaction with people of all ages and abilities and with the world (and plants) around them. Gardening helps to create a sense of purpose and passion in participants as well.

For Schools and Youth Programs

Inspire the next generation of environmental stewards by transforming your schoolyard into an outdoor classroom. Green City Growers (GCG) provides hands-on, interdisciplinary garden programs that incorporate science, language arts, art, math, social studies, and social emotional learning. Students become invested in crops they grow from seed with their own hands. Garden classes increase the amount and variety of produce consumed by children and give them opportunities to apply concepts learned in class to the act of growing food. Students build confidence through connecting with nature and the satisfaction of accomplishing tasks as a team.

For Residential + Homeowners

Always wanted a vegetable garden, but don’t know where to start? Enjoy fresh, organically grown produce for the whole family, grown at home, with a little help from us. GCG evaluates your home for the best location to place a raised bed or in ground vegetable garden. Considering requirements for success, the best location may be your backyard or front yard, deck, driveway or rooftop.

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