The Fenway Farms System

Fenway Farms uses a unique modular milk crate growing system, which allows for easy and contained growing throughout the growing season. A state-of-the art weather sensitive drip irrigation system monitors soil moisture and supplies water only when needed. But more than anything, this innovative project uses some of the simplest ideas of growing to produce nearly three tons of produce each season!

Project Information:

  • Total Size: 10,600 sqft
  • Total Growing Space: 2,400 sqft
  • Pounds of Produce Grown in 2017: 5,980

Fast Facts about the System

  • Weatherproofing system – Carlisle
  • Growing system – Recover Aerated Media Modules (R.A.M.M.)
  • Soil – 10” depth of Vermont Compost custom blended organic soil
  • Irrigation – Weathermatic Smartlink drip irrigation system
  • Engineering – Simson Gumpertz & Heger

Green City Growers is excited to have once again partnered with Recover Green Roofs, this time to bring farming to the roof of Fenway Park! Recover Green Roofs is a Somerville-based green roofing company, and were responsible for the installation of Fenway Farms. As the team from Recover puts it, “they’re responsible for getting the soil on the roof, and Green City Growers is responsible for what grows on top of it!”