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An Agrihood in Your Hood?

Agrihoods Promote Farm-to-Table Living and Sustainability

Communities dedicated to sustainable, fresh, and local produce have been popping up across the U.S. to provide Americans access to a simpler life without the hardships of traditional agriculture. They’re called agrihoods, and there are now over 200 spanning 28 states. Many developers are anticipating these neighborhoods will become the favored trend in master communities. 

The goal of agrihoods is to combine real estate and food, centering the neighborhood around community and health with shared common spaces and access to fresh food. Residents are encouraged to work on the farm, but the bulk of the labor is maintained by professional farmers who sell the produce to residents and local restaurants and markets. 

Sustainability is another priority, as many agrihoods rely primarily on solar power and other alternative energy sources. Growing your own food means you’re also skipping the pollution and waste associated with industrial farming, shipping, retail food waste, and packaging. In addition, these neighborhoods are built around green spaces with plenty of park access and trails to explore, which promotes health and care for the environment. 

These communities are a growing niche in real estate world and may be coming to a city near you. If you’re interested in the trend, this visual from The Zebra explores the typical features of an agrihood as well as the top communities across the U.S. 

Are you interested in an agrihood in your hood? Reach out! 

Anatomy of an Agrihood

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