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The Barnyard Comes to the Backyard

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Raise Backyard Chickens!

Green City Growers has partnered with Khrysti Smyth, the founder of Yardbirds Backyard Chickens, to provide the very best in backyard chicken-keeping knowledge and maintenance services.

Why raise backyard chickens? In addition to providing hyper-local eggs right from your backyard—which are fresher, tastier, and more nutritious than those you’ll find in a supermarket—chickens help to complete a natural cycle by eating food waste and producing high- quality fertilizer for your garden. Chickens additionally help to rid your yard of ticks and other undesirable pests. Here’s to the only pet that provides you breakfast!

Green City Growers specializes in small-scale coops installations and assistance. Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of small backyard flocks allow us to provide the best quality coops, birds, and ongoing services available for urban and suburban locations. Because of zoning permits, chickens are only available for residential clients in towns that allow chickens.  

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Chicken Coops

Green City Growers can do all the work necessary to install a chicken coop on your property. Coops are sized depending on the desired number of chickens. Packages include coop, feeder, waterer, run, and all necessary features to guarantee your birds are comfortable and safe from pests and predators.

Coop installation includes the delivery, placement, leveling, and securing of the coop and run. Installation also includes a 1.5’ sunken hardware cloth barrier around the perimeter of the run to ensure no predators can dig their way into the coop.


Khrysti Smyth Yardbirds Backyard ChickensChicken Maintenance Services

From birds hand-selected and monitored by our Chicken Expert, Khyrsti, to personal training and education sessions, to monthly coop maintenance services, to Chicken ‘Health Insurance,’ Green City Growers provides everything to ensure a happy and healthy flock!