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The Endless Battle of Dark and Light (As it Pertains to Chickens)

Reposted with permission from Green City Growers’ poultry expert, Khrysti Smyth. See the original here. Egg laying in winter… Shed some light, or embrace the darkness? Some questions I get asked a lot around this time of year are about light and heat in the winter… “They need a heater, […]

So You Have a Backyard Urban Farm, What’s Next?

Already have a backyard urban farm, but curious about more ways to provide more local, fresh food for your family or even neighbors? Here are some ideas so you can continue to transform your backyard into a vibrant, productive space and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time! Urban Bees. Bees […]

There are Eggs in Eggnog?!

Despite “egg” being in the name, people are often have no idea how eggnog is made or that there are actually eggs in it. What with soy-nog, coconut kefir eggnog, eggnog lattes (surely no egg in there!), etcetera, this is not terribly surprising. How many of us have actually MADE […]

[Egg] of a Different Color and Quiche Recipe

Ask anyone whose seen The Wizard of Oz, and they’ll likely be well acquainted with the Horse of a Different Color, which changes from white to yellow to red to purple. Ask what colors eggs come in, and the response will likely be only white, or maybe white and brown. Bor-ing! […]

Keeping Cool: Help Your Backyard Chickens Beat the Heat

It’s September and the first day of fall is fast approaching, but it still feels like summer in Boston. Have you considered how your feathered friends are coping with the lingering heat? Our poultry expert Khrysti Smyth has a few tips to help keep your backyard chickens cool. Six Tips to […]

Happy without Heat: Chickens in the Winter

One of your main concerns about installing a chicken coop at your home may be about how the chickens will keep warm in our harsh, New England weather. No need to worry! Because chickens stick together in a flock, it is not necessary to add heat. It might be tempting […]

Picking Your Pets: The Best Chicken Breeds

If you are thinking of raising backyard chickens at your house, you probably have a lot of questions about costs, health risks, and your local poultry regulations.  These are all very important things to think about, but there’s another question you should add to your list…what kind of chickens do […]

The Big 3: Combat Common Diseases with Backyard Chicken Keeping

When Jessie founded Green City Growers in 2008, she sought to find a solution to major health outbreaks that were becoming all-too-common in industrial vegetable production. These days, though, health concerns about egg and poultry production seem just as common, and we see backyard chicken keeping as an equally promising solution […]

Backyard Chicken Eggonomics

Interested in raising chickens, but concerned about the, well, egg-onomics of it all? Here’s a handy infographic, courtesy of Mind Your Dirt, that breaks down the costs associated with backyard chicken keeping. Want to learn more more? Considering starting your own chicken family? Come join our resident chicken expert Khrysti Smith and […]

Chickens Take Roost at Goddard House

Next week, the Green City Growers team is installing Brookline’s first commercial chicken coop at the Olmstead Memory Support community at Goddard House Assisted Living. Since partnering with Khrysti Smyth and Yardbirds Backyard Chickens late last year, we’ve helped to provide these entertaining poultry-pets to a number of families throughout the […]

Confusing Egg Carton Labels Ruffling Your Feathers?

Cage-Free, Omega-3, Free-Range, College-Educated… Wait, whaaat? We certainly find all the different labels on egg cartons confusing, wondering which eggs are the best for our health and the health of the chickens laying them, and imagine some of you do too. Especially when these labels all sound so great but […]

Chicken Myths BUSTED

There are many myths out there about our fluffy friends and we are here to bust them all. Are you thinking of expanding your urban farm to include chickens? Here we give you all the information you will need to k now about keeping urban chickens. From how noisy they […]

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