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Why We Should Be Incorporating More Green Infrastructure Into Cities

Policy innovation by the European Union to increase green infrastructure amid the climate transition

University Warsaw’s Library – Beautiful and Multi-Functional Rooftop Gardens. 

In our rapidly urbanizing world, cities consume a substantial share of global resources. With over 55% of the population residing in urban areas, the challenge lies in maintaining a delicate balance between the allure of urban living and environmental responsibility.

Green Infrastructure As A Solution

Green infrastructure is defined as public and private open areas predominantly covered by vegetation. Here are several compelling reasons why we must seriously consider it for a more sustainable future:

Urban Agriculture: A Dual-Purpose Solution

Fenway Farms

Urban agriculture provides a compelling dual solution. With the ability to leverage ecosystem functions for stormwater management, carbon sequestration, biodiversity support, and local food production, urban agriculture is a linchpin in creating healthier urban environments. 

At Green City Growers, we believe in the power of sustainable urban agriculture. By integrating green spaces in our cities, we not only contribute to environmental health but also enhance the well-being of urban communities.

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