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“Why Do I Farm” Campaign


Jessie, CEO and Founder

“When I started Green City Growers I had no previous growing experience. I felt I identified with somebody who had a black thumb, I was proud of the fact I couldn’t grow anything. I had this whole vision for myself like living in New York City and working in advertising and pursed that, worked a bit in reality television and advertising… I realized that I valued green space more than I realized when I lived in New York City and didn’t have it. I thought this might actually be something that’s really important to me, and so when I moved back to the Boston area, where I am from, I realized that doing work with a purpose, in nature and working outside was more interesting to me.”


Katie, Urban Farmer and Educator

“I like being outside, and I like seeing how things grow and being able to see the products of hard work. Getting dirty is a lot of fun, spending time with other farmers outside and working hard together. Working with kids outside and their excitement of, ‘Wow I can eat that, that came from there?!’


Annie, Urban Farmer and Educator

“It feels so damn good, that self sufficiency is really empowering and anyone can do it, you don’t have to have an education, all you have to have is just a little bit of resources to get it going in your own home. If I can encourage people to do that, or our community farmers can help people do that, that’s enough.”



Claire, Urban Farmer and Educator

“My college friends know me as the soil nerd. All my students know me as Farmer Claire, and think that I am very good at farming. A lot of my expertise is in farming and agriculture. Doing good work that I believe in brings me an enormous amount of joy. One thing I love about working for farming companies, or places with lots of other farmers, is everybody else loves food and cooking too, so potlucks are super amazing.”




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