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What’s Hot in 2016? Hyper-Local Vegetable Production

whatshot2016-2What does the NRA have to do with farming!? Well, if we’re talking about the National Rifle Association, not that much…but if we’re talking about the other NRA – the National Restaurant Association – the two share quite a lot.

Earlier this month, the NRA released its Whats Hot in 2016 Culinary Forecast. This annual report surveys over 1,500 members of the American Culinary Foundation – chefs and restaurateurs – who are asked to rate a list of 221 items as “hot trend,” as “yesterday’s news,” or as a “perennial favorite.” Items on this list range from “organic produce” to “seafood charcuterie,” “wedge salads” to “3D Food Printing.” In the ever-changing world of food, however, certain trendy items don’t seem all too trendy.

ester-landing-pageSo, what are the findings? The top ‘hot trends’ are locally sourced meats and seafood, chef-driven fast casual concepts, and locally grown produce. Coming in at number four, however, is hyper-local sourcing (i.e. on site gardens). Number 5 and 6? Those would be natural ingredients/minimally processed food and environmental sustainability. Clearly consumers are asking for exactly what we’re standing for at Green City Growers. In cases like our friends at b.good – where we’re operating or consulting on more than fifteen of their locations – they’re combining all of these top six!

150729-abigails-planter-JG-2So kudos to b.good and our other restaurant clients like Abigail’s, Papagayo, River Bar, The Sinclair, Osteria Posto, ester, and Flatbread. These restaurants are not simply trendy; they are on the forefront of an important movement that recognizes the importance of making delicious food that incorporates environmental sustainability in sourcing ingredients. Moreover, they’ve rightly figured out that the more hyper local the production, the more delicious the result!

And here’s where things get especially promising. When asked what current trends will be the hottest trend a decade from now, the top three answers are environmental sustainability, local sourcing, and nutrition. So don’t plan to see us going away anytime soon!

Interested in adopting these restaurant trends to your own kitchen? Schedule a garden consultation to get on the queue for a spring 2016 installation!

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