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Top 5 Property Management Problems (and how to solve them with a garden)

Here are the top five challenges property managers face and we’re going to show you how you can solve them with a garden. Surprised? Read on to learn how.

5: Under-Utilization of Space:

Space equals money in the real estate world and you want to use as much of it as you can for maximum return. Property Managers pay thousands of dollars a year in landscaping costs to maintain and beautify their indoor and outdoor spaces. What if you could have a beautiful space that is also functional and good for your community? Instead of a high maintenance green sod yard, imagine a yard full of raised garden beds with fresh produce growing inside them. In place of an empty lawn, imagine a community garden with folks learning valuable skills. Rather than a few scattered indoor plants, how about a living wall with built-in irrigation and maintenance?

4: Reputation:

A shiny, new building development may be exciting for property managers, but it signals change, and change is hard for many communities. To score some extra brownie points with your community, consider planning public space into your grounds. A community garden space can be used for corporate wellness, educational programming for children and adults. Farm fresh produce can be kept by participants, used by your food service vendors, or donated to local food rescues. Check out Fenway Farms as an example. We grow over 5k pounds of produce a year at Fenway Park, 2k of which is donated to Lovin’ Spoonfuls, a local food rescue. That’s something everyone can feel good about.

3: Quality Services:

Finding quality services you can trust is another challenge for Property Managers. Unlike corporate landscape companies, who are big enough that you might be low on their list of priorities, small businesses like Green City Growers are invested in keeping your grounds looking beautiful and your tenants happy. You need a team of dedicated, highly skilled workers who you can trust will care about your grounds and are passionate about the work they do and the services they provide. Our blend of high quality installation, maintenance, and educational programming is something you can feel secure about.

2: Acquiring Tenants and Keeping Them:

In a competitive market, how do you set your building apart from all the other amazing buildings out there? Ideal tenants are looking for amenities and opportunities for community building from their host properties. While gyms, office space and event spaces are great perks, they aren’t unique. We suggest adding a raised bed garden or a rooftop farm space to your building’s campus to attract top-notch tenants. Check out E3 Apartments for an example of how we use modular raised beds and weekly gardening programming to heighten the functionality and experience of their roof-deck.

“Weekly farm fresh produce is a great selling point for our tenants and they make use of the gardens for events nearly every weekend” Erica Moise, Leasing Consultant for E3.

And the #1 problem is (drumroll please…)

1: Maintenance:

According to this poll by Buildium, 61% of Property Managers site ongoing maintenance as their number one pain point in managing their buildings. Why spend hours of your time on maintaining your grounds when you could leave it to the experts? We offer affordable maintenance subscriptions with our talented farmers to keep your gardens and grounds looking beautiful and fresh. Many of the techniques used in traditional landscaping sacrifice efficiency and sustainability to save a few dollars. Our model of ecological landscaping uses a design process that incorporates knowledge of environmental processes and aesthetic beauty, resulting in reduced maintenance. You’ll pay less for fertilizers and significantly lower your water consumption.

In case you need more convincing that installing a garden on your property can help you solve all these problems, feel free to contact us at info@greencitygrowers.com We can’t wait to grow with you!

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