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The Height of the Summer Harvest


It is truly the peak of the New England summer. Some believe that with the season in full swing, it’s arguably the best time of the year – time for the tomato harvest! There’s simply nothing better than savoring the flavor of a fresh tomato picked from your own garden!

To make sure your harvest is filled with the most bright red, juicy tomatoes, it is important to prune them regularly. Every couple of weeks, inspect your tomatoes and remove any suckers, the little off-shoots that grow where the plant’s branches meet the main stem. If not pruned, they will suck energy (hence their name) from the plant that would otherwise go towards producing luscious fruit.

Check out our guide to pruning indeterminate tomatoes for a helpful diagram and to better understand how to correctly manage suckers and enjoy the most bounty out of your plants!


Lycopene, an antioxidant found in tomatoes, is proven to aid in the protection against free radical damage to cells which occurs in dementia, especially Alzheimer’s. There’s a whole slew of tomato recipes out there, and we’re especially loving this collection.


Harvest time often inspires dreams for the next season. While we may be enjoying the luscious harvests of cucumbers and green beans, there will come a time, a time far too soon, when we yearn for these bountiful days of summer. The growing season in New England is short – typically lasting from the beginning of April through the end of October, a total of seven months.

If you’re thinking of installing or expanding an existing garden in advance of next season, whether at home or at your office, contact us to schedule a consultation!

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