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French Kitchen Garden in Your Own Backyard

Though the French are perhaps best known for their butter-laden pastries and rich, creamy meals, the French garden is nearly as iconic. Now, drawing inspiration from the potager, or French kitchen garden, our Landscape Specialist Marie Macchiarolo is creating beautiful ecoscapes. So what, exactly, does this traditional garden do?

The French Kitchen Garden

A potager looks just as beautiful as it sounds. Consisting of intermingled vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs, a potager mixes function with beauty. A potager is similar to the English cottage garden, but differs due to the fact that it is centered on vegetables rather than flowers. Following principles of garden design and natural landscaping, a potager aims to not only be aesthetically pleasing, but productive as well.

Benefits to All

Putting the aesthetically pleasing aspect of these gardens aside, there is also the added benefit of creating a healthy ecosystem for the food you are growing. A potager attracts more pollinators with the added flowers, therefore creating an atmosphere that will invite the bugs that we want – those that eat the pesky ones. It’s a win for everyone!

Tips and Tricks

If you want to bring a little France to your backyard, here are a few design tips.

  • Consider how the site chosen fits into the surrounding landscape, and mimic natural patterns
  • The intermingling of herbs, flowers, and fruits with vegetables requires careful placement of perennials so that they do not interfere with the growth of seasonal crops.
    • Small fruit trees should stand at the edge of the potager, along paths and walls, with strawberries, annual herbs, or flowers at their feet.
    • Aggressive herbs like mint must be contained.
    • All annuals mix well with vegetables, and may even serve as beneficial companion plants.
  • Edge plots with contrasting plants, including herbs and flowers, which will mask bare spots as the season progresses.
  • Keep free-ranging perennials contained with buried strips of metal or plastic.

Make a Move

Our team here at Green City Growers would be more than happy to help you create the backyard of your dreams!

Schedule a consultation today to get started on creating your own beautiful, yet functional potager.

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