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Tanimura & Antle Acquires Green City Growers

Tanimura & Antle & Boston, Massachusetts based, Green City Growers Announce New Partnership & Acquisition Furthering their joint commitment to providing communities with education and engagement with healthy, fresh produce SALINAS, Ca. (March 9th, 2021) – Employee owned grower-shipper, Tanimura & Antle and Boston, Massachusetts based, Green City Growers announced […]

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GCG’s 2020 Company Impact

Due to COVID, this year’s social impact stats look a little different from past years. We sent a lot more produce to food banks than we ever have, and while we saw a reduction in our overall number of customers, we were able to grow a significant amount of organic […]

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An Agrihood in Your Hood?

Agrihoods Promote Farm-to-Table Living and Sustainability Communities dedicated to sustainable, fresh, and local produce have been popping up across the U.S. to provide Americans access to a simpler life without the hardships of traditional agriculture. They’re called agrihoods, and there are now over 200 spanning 28 states. Many developers are […]

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Garden Education Programming In Action

Last week, I was fortunate enough to see GCG’s two garden education specialists in action.  On an early Wednesday morning, Adrienne and Leilani (who let me tag along) made the drive up to Beverly, MA for their weekly garden education program. At Beverly, there are three classes of third graders, and they each get their […]

Creating Edible Classrooms

As a Green City Growers business development intern, my primary focus has been spent cultivating new restaurant clients, various sales and marketing tasks like research and web page development, and learning the ins and outs of a company that helps individuals, businesses, and schools grow their own food. However, every […]

Chicken Myths BUSTED

There are many myths out there about our fluffy friends and we are here to bust them all. Are you thinking of expanding your urban farm to include chickens? Here we give you all the information you will need to k now about keeping urban chickens. From how noisy they […]

A Day at the Farm… On the Roof!

As a GCG marketing intern, one of the many perks of the job is getting to experience the various tasks of Green City Growers Employees.  Last month I had the great fortune of getting to tag along with Laura, GCG’s Director of Horticulture and Lead Farmer.  On that particular day, she was […]

Garden Recipe: Portuguese Caldo Verde Soup (Green Soup)

It’s November, which means the days are colder and shorter and it’s time to break out your favorite hardy soup recipes! Participants from our Dedham Parks and Recreation garden program shared one of their favorites: Portuguese Caldo Verde (green soup). It’s a hardy, nourishing soup made with potatoes, onions, finely-shredded kale […]

Gaining Ground: Boston Urban Agriculture

There are lists upon lists of reasons to love Boston. Narrow winding streets, a special way of speaking (Sumnah, not Sumner), a city of firsts including the first college (Harvard) and the first rooftop farm on a grocery store.     Boston is a special sweet spot for young chefs, […]

Garden Recipe: Harvest Chowder of Love

Rain, wind, cold… Bring on the soups, stews and chilis! It’s definitely the season, and what’s better than coming home at the end of the day to house filled with the deliciously warming smells of a crock pot chowder? Following is one of our absolute favorites, what we call the […]

Garden Recipe: Rosemary Onion Bread and Hummus

Bread: the final frontier… Because we have a LONG way to go to conquer our complete dependence on and addiction to this American staple. I mean, bread IS the perfect vehicle for a hamburger, BLT, steak bomb, even cucumber and hummus sandwich. Where would we be without bread? Stuck in […]

Grow Your Own Herbal Tea Garden This Winter

Feeling a bit blue about the coming winter? You can brighten up your any indoor space with a simple herbal tea garden. Growing your own herbs is surprisingly easy, as long as you have sunlight and a bit of space – enough for a container garden – even a windowsill […]