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You’ll Feel the Sting

The increasing decline of bees is one of the single greatest threats to our natural environment today.

We paired up with The Best Bees Company to help prevent the loss of more bees. As pollinators of more than 100 fruit and vegetable crops in the United States, honey bees are an essential piece to a sustainable and natural environment. If we do not do something to protect our fuzzy friends, we will most definitely feel the sting.

Bees Offer Much More Than Just Honey

Take a look at the plate of food on your dinner table… bees have either pollinated the many vegetables and fruits we eat directly, or have pollinated the food for the animals that we consume.

That’s not all bees do for us. Honey and wax are two other important products that come from bees.
An illustration of what all honey bees, and a colony of honey bees, do for us in the UK each year.

Data source: The British Beekeepers Association

The importance of bees is clear, yet they are dying at an alarming rate. Because of disease, exposure to pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides, as well as habitat loss, bee colonies are suffering extreme devastation. This decline is one of the greatest threats to our environment today.

Urban Bees

Data from the past five years has shown that honey bees in urban environments produce more honey and survive the winters at higher rates than outside of cities.

With that being said, bees are a crucial piece of urban agriculture. We need bees in order to have a successful garden. Why not incorporate them into your own backyard – saving the bees and improving your garden.


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