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A Buzzing Garden

We need bees and they need us. 

Urban bees are essential to the food system. Over 100 fruits and vegetable crops rely on pollinators. Without the help from our fuzzy friends, our diets would be limited. Unfortunately, over the past century, the bee population has been declining. The good news is, you can make a difference. It all starts in your backyard.

Flower Power

Adding flowers to your garden can help attract bees. Flowers increase bee diversity and help populations become resistant to disease and pests. Nectar and pollen from flowers provides food and energy to bees which they need to make honey. Herbs can also be a useful tool in your garden. They repel pests while attracting pollinators.

Sweet Success

By creating a habitat where bees can thrive, you will have an edible garden overflowing with delicious, healthy fruits and vegetables. Additionally, backyard bees will reward you with honey.

Nothing is more sweet than sticky natural sugar. It has healing properties as well. You can treat the common cold, apply to wounds, and prevent damaged brain cells to improve memory.

Get started today and create a backyard where bees can thrive!

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